This version of the Puerto Rico "UFO"/"UAP" video (annotated with frame numbers and a time code, to assist with more accurate analysis and sharing of data) has been helpfully created and shared by Puerto Rico Research Review member Lance Moody.

This version of the video can be subjected to analysis in conjunction with the numbered images of each frame which he also shared.



That frame set can be found at: 

Each frame has its own URL, so direct links can be posted. (Posting such links on Facebook and some forums will automaticlly display an image of that frame). For example:



Lance Moody's frame set has also been made available by the PRRR in two relatively small sizes PDF files (allowing you to scroll through the frames and/or use PDF software to jump to a specific page etc). This PDF format was found to be very useful to quickly scrolling through frames in Adobe Reader to pick out the numerical data displayed on each frame to set out that data in a spreadsheet (discussed in another page on this website). 

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